Instant online care.

Intelligent follow ups.

No waiting.

Better Convenience.

Specialty health care at your fingertips.

Patients spend an average of 121 minutes on each visit to the doctor's offiice. This accounts for an average of $43 in lost wages per visit.

A whopping one-third of Americans avoid getting needed health care, and 37% of those people blame lack of free time and inconvenient clinic hours.

Instead of taking a half-day away from work, patients only need to spend 10 to 15 minutes on Better Health to address routine health issues.

Online Diagnosis > Remote Doctor Assessment > Prescription Written > Treatment Delivered to Patient

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Better Health Management.

AI-driven health monitoring and reminders.

Medicine adherence, self management, and check-ins are paramount to ensuring positive outcomes.

10% of hospitalizations come from non-adherence and readmittances. Better treatment adherence and monitoring is achieved through ongoing AI-supported individualized text conversations with patients.

By maintaining proactive clinical connections with patients, providers and health plans can drastically improve health outcomes.

AI Health Follow Ups > Treatment Adjustment > Escalations > Adherence Monitoring

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Better Convenience.

Better Adherence.

Better Speed.

Better Outcomes.

Better Health.

Directed by academic and clinical minds from top institutions.