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Our Mission

Better Health's mission is to improve patient health outcomes by increasing access for routine specialty health issues and facilitating adherence to treatment through the power of AI.

Better access is achieved through our AI-supported online specialty health care practice which enables patients to get assessed, diagnosed, and treated for a broad range of low-acuity specialty health indications like migraines, acne, overactive bladder, and more. Studies have shown that almost 1/3 of Americans avoid medical care, mostly because of real and perceived lack of access.

Better treatment adherence and monitoring is achieved through ongoing AI-supported text conversations with the patient. 10% of hospitalizations come from non-adherence and readmittances. By using Better Health to maintain a proactive clinical connection with patients, providers and health plans can drastically improve health outcomes.

Better Health HQ was founded by AI, enterprise software, and medical veterans, Craig Davis, Erika Feldhus, and Dr. Greg Horner. Our medical advisory team consists of noted clinical and academic specialists from Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Our team of clinicians is licensed to practice in all 50 states.


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