For Health Plans


A fully integrated solution for delivering low-acuity specialty healthcare to patients of payers.



Better Patient Outcomes = Better Outcomes for Payer

Provide specialty treatment at a lower cost than an in-person visit, adherence monitoring for treatments and early detection of conditions that may become chronic. Better can also keep patients within your network.
Keep healthy patients healthy and improve the health of patients with pre-existing medical conditions or chronic illness.
Access to specialty treatment that alleviates time and wage cost, increases satisfaction of patients with their health plan.
Integrate and expand within your in-network allowing providers to ensure seamless standards of care for patients and reduce non-adherence risk.

Instant Digital Care

Although only 22% of digital health users had conducted a virtual visit, the remaining 78% said they wanted to use it, but either were not offered it or could not find it, according to the American Telemedicine Association, 2016;

  • Enable patients access to treatments digitally
  • Integrated & secure EHR system
  • Single patient profile with secure communication and treatment adjustments

Broaden Clinical Capabilities

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease estimates that by 2030, 83 million people in the U.S. will have three or more chronic health conditions, up from 31 million in 2015.

  • Provide treatment management for existing and recurring conditions before they become chronic with AI follow-ups
  • Clinical team of physicians, nurses and health providers
  • Optimize patient referrals where necessary within your in-network providers quickly to ensure the patient’s best interest